Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Families!! - Utah and Iowa Family Photographer

I love family shoots. I love catching the natural personalities of everyone, especially the little ones. That's my favorite thing about taking pictures. Real Life!

Wedding Bells... - Utah and Iowa Wedding Photographer

My good friend Camille asked me to help with this wedding. I was so excited! Check her out at camillegarrison.com. They are such a cute couple and we had so much fun that day.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fabulous Family... - Utah and Iowa Family Photographer

This family was so outgoing and fun and I loved taking their pictures!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guy and Jeneene - Utah and Iowa Wedding Photographer

This was such a fun wedding to be apart of. Thanks so much for allowing me to be there you two. I had a blast.

That's my Aunt Sandy!

I said something they thought was hilarious and they laughed for about five minutes. It was so funny.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend in Moab with my Hubby! - Utah and Iowa Family Photographer

It was our two year anniversary in April and Nate took me to Moab. We rode bikes, hiked, and took LOTS of pictures. Life for me never gets old. I'm married to the "Energizer Bunny". We have a blast!Just one of the reasons Utah is so beautiful. Desert plants and beautiful colored flowers right next to each other.

All right all you Movie Lovers....when I took this picture, Nate says to me "look honey, I spy with my little eye, something...Green." I then said..."Tree!" We quote Brother Bear all the time. We laughed pretty hard.

This is me with the only baby that I'm aloud to have at the moment...(my camera) haha. I LOVE taking pictures!

I love clouds. My favorite are the big puffy, pillowy ones...They are beautiful.

This is the pathway up to Delicate Arch. And when you walk around the rock wall, You see this......

About 100 photographers just sitting and waiting for the perfect light to hit the arch. We turned around the corner and just stopped right in our tracks and our mouths dropped open. After a minute, we just giggled. The funniest thing happened when everyone was quiet and waiting, then, the sun came out and you could hear all the click clicks from all the cameras (like hundreds of them really fast) and a guy shouted out, "Hey, Something's happening! Something's happening!" You might have had to be there but I laughed pretty hard.

And that's what I got out of it. A good time listening to funny people and getting an awesome picture.

On the way down, I stuck to the wall because I'm a little afraid of the cliffs. Nate on the other hand, dances around them...scares the crap out of me.

Nate and Me having a blast.

This is called Double arch.

I got bored on the way to Moab so I was playing around with the camera.

Sunset bike rides are the best!

A guy from paris took this picture, he was so nice. He wanted my camera...I said no. Ha!

Creepy, haunted, yet cool tree...

This is my daredevil husband who loves to jump...He's rubbing off on me somewhat...